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Renew Colorado Drivers License

A Colorado drivers license renewal can be accomplished in one of three ways: online, by mail, or in person. However, not all motorists are allowed to renew drivers license through each of the available methods provided by the Division of Motor Vehicles. Renewing drivers license credentials is also a task that motorists should not put off. Certain requirements accompany a drivers license renewal, and there can be negative consequences if the process is delayed. Learn more about the drivers license renewal process and how to renew drivers licenses in Colorado by reading the information provided below.

How to Renew Drivers License Online in Colorado

Occasionally motorists will ask, “Can you renew your license online in Colorado,” especially because this option is not always available across the country. Completing a drivers license renewal online is one of most convenient and fastest methods available through the state for residents. However, not all motorists are able to use the online driver license renewal process to complete the task. If the motorist is interested in completing a Colorado DMV license renewal online, then there are some standard requirements that a motorist must meet. These eligibility requirements include but are not limited to:

  • The license holder must be between the ages of 21 and 65.
  • The motorist is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • The license is valid or has been expired for less than one year.
  • No name change has occurred.
  • There are no outstanding tickets.
  • No pending or final departmental actions are present on the driver’s record.
  • The last license was issued in an office, or the online drivers license renewal system has not been used two times in a row.

A driver can most likely renew a drivers license through the online application if all of these requirements are met. Before the application is complete, though, the driving license renewal fee must be paid so the motorist must also have a valid form of payment (credit or debit card) that can be used for online transactions.

In Person Colorado DMV License Renewal Process

If a driver is unsure about where to renew drivers license credentials, visiting a local driver’s license office is an option worth considering. Additionally, in some cases, a DMV license renewal must take place at the office. The process for how to renew drivers license credentials in person is similar to the online drivers license renewal process with the exception of such things as available payment methods.

If a motorist wants to avoid having an expired drivers license and opts to visit an office to renew his or her license, then certain documents and forms of ID must be provided. For starters, a valid license must be presented. Also, the in-person driver’s license renewal process also requires the motorist bring funds to pay the driving license renewal fee, proof of his or her Social Security Number and proof of current address. The process for how to renew a drivers license in person also requires the motorist to have a vision screening, updated photograph and have a signature and fingerprint on file.

How to Renew Drivers License in Colorado by Mail

Some residents qualify for renewing drivers license info through the mail. However, much like the online drivers license renewal process, not all drivers are able to use the by-mail option. To renew a drivers license by mail, the motorist must be at least 21 years old. Also, renewing a drivers license by mail is only a viable option if a name change is not necessary or if a new photograph is not needed. If either of those situations applies then the applicant must complete a DMV license renewal at an office. Drivers can also check with the DMV to confirm whether he or she is eligible to renew a licensure this way. Additionally, like the Colorado online drivers license renewal process, the process to renew a license by mail cannot be used two consecutive times. To use the mail process, residents should send all information to:

Division of Motor Vehicles

1881 Pierce St.

Lakewood, Colorado 80214

Colorado Drivers License Renewal Requirements

Residents who are renewing a drivers license have to meet certain renewal requirements. Not only must they meet the specific requirements that accompany the different renewal methods, but there are certain deadlines that also have to be met. Otherwise, the process for how to renew a drivers license will be determined by whether or not the motorist has an expired drivers license. For instance, a minor license cannot be renewed before the 21st birthday of the driver, and the license will expire 20 days after the 21st birthday. The license of a resident who is over 18 will expire within three years. If the motorist is at least 21 years old, then the license can be renewed any time before the expiration date.

Penalties for Not Renewing Drivers License in Colorado

A driver may suffer severe ramifications for not renewing a drivers license before the expiration date. For starters, driving with an expired drivers license in CO is illegal. If a motorist is pulled over by law enforcement, then applicable fines and charges will be rendered. Not only that but if a driver chooses not to renew his or her license for more than year, then he or she will have to retake all the driving examinations and apply for a license as if none was ever held in the first place.

Colorado Drivers License Renewal for Military Members

If military members, who are Colorado residents, are interested in completing a DMV license renewal while stationed out of state, then they are eligible to complete a drivers license renewal online or by mail. However, this is assuming the license is still active and has not expired. If the military member holds an expired drivers license that has not been valid for over a year, then he or she cannot get a license while out of state but must visit a Colorado driver license office and complete all driver’s license exams.

Instead of choosing to renew a drivers license online or by mail, military members also have the option to request an expiration date extension. These requests can be submitted online or by mailing the Request for Extension form ( DR2989). If done correctly (and submitted before the license expires), then the expiration date can be extended for up to three years.

Renewing Drivers License in Colorado While Out of State

A resident who needs to renew a drivers license, but is temporarily out-of-state, can also request an extension. To qualify for this drivers license renewal extension, the driver must submit the request before the license expires and have no unpaid tickets or active restraints on driving privileges. However, if this is not a valid option or does not meet the driver’s needs, then it is also possible to renew a drivers license online or by mail (assuming the corresponding eligibility requirements are met).