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How to Perform a Driver License Name Change in Colorado

To successfully complete a drivers license name change in Colorado, motorists must submit a set of documentation at their local drivers license office. Presently, a DMV name change can only be completed in person. However, the process to change name on driving license documents does not begin at the driver’s license office. Instead, applicants must first apply for a legal name change with the Social Security Administration. Drivers chose to complete a change of name on driving license credentials for a variety of reasons. Learn more about drivers license updates by reading through the page below.

Changing Your Name on Driving License in Colorado

If a motorist is contemplating how to change name on drivers license, then he or she needs to know that the first step in this process is not to be completed with the DMV, but rather with Social Security Administration. Regardless of the reason that a license name change takes places, before drivers can complete a change of name on a driving license in Colorado, they need to first update their Social Security card. No official paperwork that involves a drivers license name change can be modified until this step is complete.

To update the name on a Social Security Card, and to change a name on a driving license in CO, the driver must show proof of identity, complete an Application for a Social Card form, and submit this along with any required documentation to the Social Security Administration. Name change applicants do have the option of visiting their local SSA office to complete this step, or they can mail in the form as well as all original required documentation. Generally speaking, updated Social Security cards are mailed 10 days after the application has been processed. This means motorists can move forward with any change of name on driving license documents once the new card reflecting the name change has been received. However, drivers should be aware that it can take up to 24 business hours for name changes to be processed in the Social Security System.

How to Change Name on Driving License in Colorado In person

A driver can move forward with a CO change of name on a driving license once the updated Social Security card is in-hand. The motorist must visit a local driver license and bring license name change documentation that will satisfy the name change on drivers license requirements. This includes not just the Social Security Card, but also proof of address documentation as well as the official documentation or certification that initiated the name change. Once the motorist provides these drivers license name change papers, he or she is required to purchase a new license.

Situations that Require Changing Name on Drivers License in Colorado

A Colorado drivers license name change may occur because of divorce, marriage, separation, or adoption. Each of these situations may involve a different piece of legal documentation, which is why the documents that need to be submitted to successfully change a name on a driving license can vary. Changing a name on a drivers license due to marriage requires specific documents. For example, no church documents are accepted, and foreign marriage certificates are not recognized in Colorado. If your marriage took place outside of the U.S., then changing your name on a driving license may involve obtaining a certified Colorado marriage license.

Timeline to Complete a Colorado DMV Name Change

According to Colorado law, if a resident wants to perform a drivers license name change, then he or she has 30 days after the change to submit all documentation and complete the process. While changing your name on the driving license, you will also be required to get a duplicate drivers license for the standard fee.

Consequences for Not Changing Your Name on Drivers License in Colorado

Fully understanding how to change a name on a drivers license is important for a few reasons. For starters, as previously mentioned, motorists have a month to complete the change and fines may accrue if this task is not accomplished. Not only that, but driving without proper identification can lead to other issues and tickets if the motorist is pulled over by law enforcement. Several types of applications and activities also require an up-to-date driver’s license (such as voting). If a name change on a drivers license is not completed, then this can become a hindrance since important documentation has to match (such as a voter registration card and car insurance).