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How to Obtain ID Cards in Colorado

A Colorado ID card can be a useful piece of documentation, especially if a resident is not interested in or cannot otherwise get a driver’s license. Residents may get an ID card online, by mail or in person through the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Getting an identification card online is vital as it serves as a primary form of identification and is widely accepted across the country. A DMV ID card, like a driver’s license, must be renewed or replaced if lost or stolen and has an expiration date. Find more details about getting an ID card, how to find a DMV ID card application, or renew an ID card in the sections below.

Colorado ID Card Eligibility Requirements

If a resident wants to pursue getting a DMV ID card in Colorado, then the first step in the ID card application process is to ensure all eligibility requirements are met. To apply for ID card credentials, the resident does not have to be a certain age. However, to get a new ID card in CO, he or she does need to be a resident of the state and is also required to provide proof of such along with proof of identity. Applying for ID cards requires that residents provide some of the additional information such as Social Security Number.

DMV ID Card Application Process in Colorado

The process to get an ID card in Colorado is possible through a variety of means. However, the methods available to complete an ID card application or ID card renewal depends on the age of the applicant. For instance, anyone applying for ID cards under the age of 21 must visit an office to apply, renew or replace the document. Additionally, a CO ID card request from individuals between the ages of 21 and 64 may be submitted online, by mail or in person up to two times consecutively. For ID card applicants 65 years of age and older, all three methods are available.

An ID card application in Colorado is available through two means. First, online ID card application forms are available to download and print. The ID card form may then be filled out and mailed in if that method is available to the applicant. A completed ID card application may be turned into a local DMV office. Additionally, identification card application forms are available at any DMV location.

Whether or not a resident has started to apply for ID card credentials online, certain ID card information must be shown and verified in person. This includes proof of a Social Security Number (SSN) and proof of residency. Appointments can be made for identification cards online, or the applicant can call his or her drivers license office to set up an appointment. Upon arrival, an applicant needs to show:

  • Proof of identity: This can be done through a combination of alternative documents such as a U.S. birth certification and certificate and expired U.S. passport if the applicant does not possess a valid stand-alone document.
  • Proof of Social Security: A Social Security card, W-2 form, SSA-1099 form, Non-SSA-1099 form, or pay stub that has the applicant’s name and Social Security Number on it are all accepted as forms of proof.
  • Proof of current Colorado address: Two different forms of proof are needed, and may include but are not limited to a bank statement, computer generated bill, first-class mail, and a transcript or report card from an accredited school.

Once all the documents have been submitted and verified, the DMV ID card application is complete once the associated fee is paid.

Note: A resident may not hold a ColoradoID card in and driver’s license at the same time.

How to Renew ID Card Information in Colorado

If a resident needs to renew an ID card, then he or she can either renew the ID card online, in person or by mail depending on age and other factors. If choosing to renew an ID card online in Colorado, then this can be done any time prior to the expiration date. The process to get an ID card may differ slightly, but the information required will be the same. For instance, all methods to apply will require that the DMV ID application form is completed. The form requires that residents provide info such as full legal name, date of birth, address and Social Security Number. ID card documents such as a current drivers license will not typically be necessary for online or by mail applications whereas it is always required for in-person visits.

How to Replace ID Card in Colorado and Update Information

There are certain circumstances where a new ID card will need to be issued. If a lost ID card is never recovered, then the resident will need to submit a new DMV ID card application and follow the process that is associated with requesting a renewal. The process to replace ID cards is vital for residents who depend on the document. If the ID card holder believes that his or her documentation was stolen and not misplaced then local law enforcement needs to be notified before a new ID card application in Colorado is submitted.

If ID card information needs to be updated because of a name or address, then the Colorado resident can request the change in several different ways. Name changes have to be submitted in person at an office, and a new ID card has to be purchased at this time as well. To request a name change, the appropriate certified original document that stipulates the name change must be shown (such as a marriage certificate, civil union certificate, divorce decree).

If an address change needs to occur, then the ID card information can be updated through online, mail, or in person methods depending on age and circumstance. In each of these scenarios, after the ID card address change has been submitted, then the Colorado resident can print out a label with the new address and apply it to the back of the current ID. A new Colorado ID card does not have to be purchased.