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How to Get a Motorcycle License in Colorado

A motorcycle license in Colorado takes the form of an endorsement on regular licenses. Drivers must obtain a separate motorcycle drivers license for two- and three-wheeled motorcycles. A motorbike driving license permits drivers to ride motorcycles and high-powered scooters on public roads. A DMV motorcycle license may be issued to applicants who meet the eligibility requirements. Drivers may schedule tests for a motorcycle license online or in person at DMV office. Drivers must understand how to get motorcycle licenses or a motorcycle endorsement in CO to legally and safely ride motor bikes.

Education Requirements for Colorado Motorcycle Licenses

To receive a motorcycle endorsement, applicants are required to pass written and road tests meant to gauge their driving abilities. Additionally, a full bike license requires drivers to complete a Motorcycle Operator Safety Training (MOST) course at a location supported by the CO DMV. A motorcycle license verifies a rider’s motorcycle riding skills and is awarded to those who demonstrate an understanding of motorcycle driving laws and take and pass necessary training courses. MOST courses cover topics such as familiarizing drivers with motorcycle parts and functions and what gear drivers should wear. For instance, motorcycle instructors will tell drivers to wear a motorcycle helmet when operating a motorbike and show drivers where to place their hands and feet while riding. To obtain a motorcycle license in another way, drivers may take and pass MOST courses. MOST instructors will also ensure that motorcycle helmets and other gear meet U.S. Department of Transportation standards. Drivers may have to pay an additional motorcycle license cost for motorcycle courses. However, motorcycle license courses are important and help regulate motorcycle rules and keep drivers safe and informed. Therefore, all drivers should have sufficient experience and meet all education requirements prior to riding motorcycles whether they participate in MOST courses or choose to take just motorcycle written exams to qualify for licensure.

Age Requirements for Colorado Motorcycle Licenses

A license for motorcycle operation is available to drivers older than 18 years of age. However, minors may obtain a motorcycle license if they hold a motorcycle instruction permit for a minimum of 12 months before receiving the endorsement. Minors younger than 16 years of age may only operate motorcycles under the supervision of a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) instructor. To add a CO motorcycle license endorsement to a driver’s license, applicants must submit their driving records, take physical aptitude tests and vision tests, pass a written exam and pass a driving skills test. To earn a motorcycle license, applicants younger than 16 years old are mandated to take a MOST course. Applicants younger than 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during the application process. All motorcycle riders, regardless of age, are responsible for learning and understanding motorcycle laws. As a result, most licensing centers recommend that drivers attend certified MOST courses and receive professional instruction from a qualified motorcycle driver.

A motorcycle license permit allows riders to gain experience under adult supervision and learn the rules of the road in a safe environment. Drivers wishing to add a motorcycle endorsement to their existing licenses must first acquire and maintain a permit for a predetermined time-period.

How to Apply for Colorado Motorcycle Licenses

Drivers wondering where to get motorcycle license endorsements in CO may review the following section. Getting your motorcycle license involves knowing the motorcycle requirements including motorbike restrictions, and other eligibility requirements such as age. Drivers may get motorcycle license endorsements once they understand their eligibility statuses. The question “How can I get a motorcycle license in CO?” can be answered in the six steps listed below:

  1. Obtain a non-commercial driver’s license or CDL from CO DMV.
  2. Pass the motorcycle written exam.
  3. Purchase a motorcycle license permit.
  4. Schedule and pass motorcycle drive skills test.
  5. Complete all required motorcycle training courses (if any).
  6. Purchase a motorcycle endorsement on a new drivers license.

The process of applying for motorcycle license endorsements may differ slightly depending on drivers ages, locations and type of endorsement requested. Motorcycle license requirements dictate that drivers must specify which endorsement they would like. For a “3” motorcycle endorsement, drivers are limited to operating a three-wheeled motorcycle whereas an “M” endorsement permits drivers to operate two- and three-wheeled motorcycles. Prior to purchasing a motorcycle license, drivers should understand which endorsement they would prefer and what is expected of them as motorcycle riders.

Note: Riders may not receive a motorcycle license by mail, online or over the phone, but they may schedule appointments for their motorcycle examinations online. Applicants must visit a CO driver license office to finalize the application process.

Required Testing for Colorado Motorcycle Licenses

Testing for motorcycle licenses may consist of a written examination on motorcycle driving safety, road laws, proper equipment and passenger rules. Drivers must also pass a driving test conducted by an MSF instructor. The driving test determines drivers’ maneuvering abilities and motorcycle competencies on the road. Instructors may also perform routine engine and brake tests to ensure the motorcycles are in good working order. A comprehensive list of all motorcycle skills and knowledge required by the state is accessible in the Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook. By taking a motorcycle license training course such as MOST, inexperienced riders will have the opportunity to prepare for these examinations in a community of other motorcycle drivers who also wish to learn motorcycle skills. A CO DMV motorcycle license is issued to eligible drivers once they have completed all required testing. To find out where to take motorcycle license examinations, drivers may find a list of supporting third-party motorcycle testing centers online. For drivers 21 years of age and older, some motorcycle license testing and training courses may be optional. While riders may be exempt from some motorcycle license requirements, they should still have a thorough understanding of the importance of motorcycle testing in ensuring rider safety.