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How to Get a New Driver License in Colorado

A Colorado drivers license is available through the state Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The process to get drivers license credentials is available at nearly every DMV office location throughout the state. To successfully get a DMV drivers license, a motorist needs to meet specific eligibility requirements and pass a written knowledge test and a road skills test. The new drivers license applicant also needs to submit certain documentation before the application can even be considered. On the page ahead are details on how to get a drivers license and where to find a drivers license application in CO.

Required Documents for Colorado Drivers License Application

Procedures to get a drivers license in Colorado requires a host of documents and information from the applicant. Drivers license services from the DMV will always require proof of identity in some form such as a state-issued ID, military ID or U.S. Passport. Such documents are known as “stand alone documents” and must include a photo. In addition to documentation, residents must meet certain eligibility requirements. If the motorist does not have these types of identification to use in his or her Colorado drivers license application, then a combination of alternative documents that prove identity, date of birth, name and lawful presence in the U.S. can be used instead (such as an certificate of citizenship that does not have a photo or a U.S. Adoption Order that has birth information).

Drivers license applicants should then prepare documentation that delivers proof of Social Security Number after gathering proofs of name, identity, date of birth and lawful presence. Acceptable forms of this information for the DMV drivers license application includes the Social Security card, a W-2 form, SSA-1099 form, non-SSA-1099 form, or a pay stub that has your name and Social Security Number on it. After these papers have been gathered, a new drivers license cannot be issued until the applicant provides one more piece of identifying information: proof of current Colorado residency. Residents seeking to get a drivers license must provide two of the following items:

  • Utility bill credit card statement
  • Credit card statement
  • Transcript/report card
  • Bank statement
  • Mortgage document
  • Insurance policy
  • Tax document
  • Pay stub
  • Vehicle registration/title
  • Rent receipt
  • Phone bill
  • First class mail with postmark

No matter which documents the driver chooses to submit, drivers license information must be current and contain the applicant’s name and address and be dated within one year. Finally, when gathering the paperwork needed to apply for driver license credentials, motorists should ensure all documents are certified original, certified amended original or true copies certified by the issuing agency.

Drivers License Eligibility Requirements in Colorado

How to get a drivers license in Colorado is determined by various factors, and the driver’s age is one of them. The minimum Colorado drivers license eligibility requirements demand that an applicant be at least 16 years old and have held a valid permit for at least 12 months. Additionally, he or she must have completed at least 50 hours of driving time and 10 of the hours must have taken place at night. Finally, behind-the-wheel training must have been completed with a driving instructor. Of course, these are only the minimum requirements a motorist must meet to submit an application. Getting a drivers license in Colorado also requires passing a driving test. If the driver is between the age of 16 and 16 years and six months, then he or she will also need to provide a behind-the-wheel completion certificate in addition to the other paperwork the application requires.

Colorado DMV drivers license requirements differ slightly for residents who are new to the state. Due to reciprocal agreements, drivers license services and credentials may be extended to new residents from certain countries. If this is not the case, to successfully obtain a DMV drivers license, the motorist must then be at least 18 years old and must follow all normal processes and procedures before a license is issued. If the new resident is under 18 years old, then he or she must hold a permit for at least one year before an unrestricted driver’s license can be issued.

How to Apply for a Colorado Drivers License

In regards to how to apply for drivers license credentials, the Colorado DMV provides two different methods. Drivers license online applications can be submitted, or the applicant can visit a local drivers license office. The application does not have to be submitted to the county the driver lives in, either. If opting to complete a drivers license application in person, the Department strongly advises calling ahead and making an appointment. Regardless of the method, a motorist is expected to pay the drivers license cost when an application is submitted.

An approved drivers license application requires two steps for finalization. First, the DMV will take a picture of the applicant. Secondly, there is a fee for obtaining a drivers license and new drivers should be prepared to pay with cash, check, credit or debit cards.

Restrictions on New Drivers Licenses in Colorado

Just like the eligibility requirements for a new drivers license in Colorado may be different based on the age of a driver, there are also rules that only apply to drivers who are under a certain age and hold a minors driver license. To begin with, these young motorists are not able to operate a vehicle between midnight and 5 a.m. for the first year they have a license (except for in certain approved circumstances such as medical emergencies or work). Also, Colorado drivers license holders who are younger than 18 can only drive at night with passengers who are a certain age. Additionally, a minor’s driver’s license is only valid for up to 20 days after the driver turns 21 years of age. After turning 21, a new drivers license in Colorado is required of the driver, including a new photo and complete, updated information.