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Colorado Education Center

Colorado drivers who hold a driver’s licenses were subject to a drivers test whether it be a writtendrivers test, a road test or both. Drivers education courses are offered to help novice drivers become accustomed to the rules of the road. Usually, the first step in getting a new driver’s license is taking a CO DMV practice exam to help better understand traffic laws. Although drivers ed is a mandate only for some drivers license applicants in Colorado, signing up for a driver safety course is never a bad idea for novice drivers of any age. Experienced drivers who violate traffic laws of the state are subject to mandatory traffic school courses in cases where the driver is deemed a threat to public safety. Colorado drivers should review the sections below to learn how to drive safely and lawfully in the state.

Driver Tests Overview in Colorado

A drivers test in Colorado is comprised of three main parts: a vision test, written exam and a road skills exam. If a motorist wants driving privileges, then each drivers license test must be completed. Depending on how old the test-taker is, then it is possible for the road skills, vision, and written drivers test to be completed all at the same time. Since each type of DMV driving test in Colorado requires different skills and knowledge, test-takers should prepare ahead of time. Get in-depth info about all aspects of the drivers license exam, vision test and written drivers test on the page below. Read More

Colorado DMV Practice Tests

A DMV practice exam in Colorado consists of questions regarding proper driving practices that may appear on the actual written exam. A DMV driving practice test assists new drivers in passing the formal driving exam. DMV practice test questions resemble those present on final exams and can help familiarize drivers on standard types of questions, the testing format and testing etiquette. Driver practice test protocol also encourages drivers to remember driving rules and regulations. You can gauge your driving knowledge by taking our online practice test. Read More

Colorado Traffic School

Colorado traffic school is required for certain drivers who violate traffic laws. The purpose of driving classes is to encourage safe driving practices and reinstate previously disqualified drivers. Drivers may take traffic school online or attend a class in person, depending on their needs. Affordable traffic school is offered to eligible drivers. Answering questions such as “How much is traffic school?” and “Should I enroll in classes?” is essential for those in need of driver rehabilitation information. Read More

Colorado Drivers Education

Colorado drivers ed courses offer training and qualified instruction to novice drivers of all ages. Drivers education courses are required for certain teen driver’s license applicants, but from others, professional training is optional. Driving lessons cover topics such as traffic safety and rules of the road. While these driving classes are classroom-based, behind the wheel training may be required in addition to traditional classes for teen drivers. Taking a driving course allows young drivers to gain experience, and associated training exposes them to road obstacles. Read More