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Driver Tests Overview in Colorado

A drivers test in Colorado is comprised of three main parts: a vision test, written exam and a road skills exam. If a motorist wants driving privileges, then each drivers license test must be completed. Depending on how old the test-taker is, then it is possible for the road skills, vision, and written drivers test to be completed all at the same time. Since each type of DMV driving test in Colorado requires different skills and knowledge, test-takers should prepare ahead of time. Get in-depth info about all aspects of the drivers license exam, vision test and written drivers test on the page below.

Colorado Drivers Vision Screening

As part of a standard Colorado drivers test, before a license is administered, motorists must pass a vision test. The vision screening is part of the DMV drivers test that is designed to assess a motorist’s vision and determine if it is good enough so that he or she can operate a vehicle and drive safely. If this drivers license test determines that the motorist needs corrective lenses to meet minimum visual standards, then the license will show this. The motorist will also be required to see a vision specialist and have his or her eyesight adjusted with corrective lenses. In order to pass this part of the driving test, the driver needs to have a minimum vision of 20/40.

What the Colorado Written Drivers Exam Includes

The written drivers test is a necessary component that all drivers must pass before being issued a permit or full driving privileges. The written drivers exam covers many different elements of driving knowledge and safety. Test-takers should review the drivers manual provided by the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as it provides the necessary information needed to successfully pass the exam. Some of the topics that can be covered in this Colorado driving test include questions about road signs, driving under the influence, driving rules, safety rules and even legal items. In addition to the DMV, the written driving exam may be performed at any one of the hundreds of authorized, third-party driver education schools.

There is a fee to take a written drivers test, and appointments to take this part of the drivers exam can be made online or through the Division of Motor Vehicles. Several forms of payment, such as cash, credit or debit cards are accepted.

Note: The written driving test in Colorado is available in two languages: English and Spanish. Additionally, translators may help during the written test for a drivers license or to convey instructions but cannot ride in the car during the driving exam.

Colorado Road Skills Test

The road skills part of the drivers license exam is designed to assess a motorist’s skills and knowledge about legal and safe driving techniques. While this driving exam takes place, only the test-taker and examiner are allowed in the vehicle. The Colorado drivers license test adheres to the guidelines that the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administration provides, with the DMV enforcing the rules and regulations on a local level. During the road skills drivers exam, three fundamental areas of skills are assessed: perceptual, perceptual-motor and attention sharing.

Note: Authorized driving education schools located throughout the state offer in-depth driving education and on-the-road practice in safe, controlled conditions. Additionally, some driving schools will provide authorized vehicles for examination in cases where a potential motorist does not have a vehicle available to them.

This driving test assesses perceptual skills by examining the ability to see and know what to do during different traffic situations. The perceptual-motor portion of the road skills drivers test examines a driver’s ability to not just identify what needs to be done but successfully and safely perform the action. Finally, the DMV drivers test also examines attention sharing by asking the driver to carry out multiple actions and responses simultaneously such as steer the vehicle, control its speed and also be mindful of surroundings.

When motorists take this drivers license test, they will be asked to perform specific maneuvers, and their score is based on how accurately and timely these actions are performed. During the road skills driving exam, some of the maneuvers, actions and behaviors that may be assessed include:

  • Left and right turns.
  • Stop intersections.
  • Through intersections.
  • Lane changes in traffic.
  • General driving behavior.
  • Merging to and from traffic.
  • Lane selection and management.
  • The use of turn signals.
  • Speed control, including acceleration.

If the motorist does not successfully pass the DMV drivers test, then he or she must wait until the next day before another exam can be re-taken. However, the examiner does have the right to exercise discretion and dictate that more time is necessary for the motorist to improve before the test can be administered again. Like the written drivers test, an appointment can be made to take the road skills drivers test in Colorado but is not required. However, motorists should make sure the office they plan to visit offers the driving test since not all locations do.

Vehicle Requirements for the Road Skills Drivers License Exam in Colorado

When a driver is taking the road skills drivers license test in Colorado, he or she must provide a motor vehicle that meets certain requirements. To begin with, the car must have valid insurance and registration, and the motorist must show this documentation before the test can begin. To take the road test, the owner of the vehicle must also be present to authorize the use of the car or truck. Additionally, the vehicle can only be used for the Coloradodrivers exam if it passes the examiner’s safety inspection. Parts of the vehicle the examiner will assess for safety include brake lights, turn signals, seat belts, the windshield and tires.