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Colorado Motorcycle Insurance

Colorado motorcycle insurance helps to cover the costs of vehicle repairs and any possible personal injury in the case of an accident. Getting insurance for motorcycle use is a legal obligation in the state, and being caught riding without insurance can lead to suspension of your license. The Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within the Colorado Department of Revenue is responsible for establishing the state’s automobile requirements, as well as enforcing them. Colorado also has established a Motorist Insurance Identification Database (MIIDB) that receives weekly updates from insurance providers on newly insured vehicles. Proof of your motorcycle insurance must be present in the MIIDB, as well as the documentation you are required to present, if and when you are stopped for a traffic violation. This twofold system of proving if a driver has insurance is intended to prevent insurance fraud and keep Colorado’s roads safe. “How much is motorcycle insurance in Colorado?” is a question many motorcycle owners may ask. Cheap motorcycle insurance can be easily found through a number of insurance providers. Details on how to get a motorcycle insurance quote can be found in the information below, including an explanation of Colorado’s insurance coverage requirements.

Insurance Requirements in Colorado

Full coverage motorcycle insurance is not a specific requirement in the state of Colorado. Riders can elect to purchase affordable motorcycle insurance if they wish, but the law does not state that an insurance policy needs to be specific to a motorcycle. Rather, a motorcycle owner can purchase a general auto insurance policy in order to legally operate his or her motorcycle in the state. Riders should keep in mind that the state has certain requirements for the type of motorcycle insurance a driver should have, as well as much the insurance needs to be. Before you get an online motorcycle insurance quote, you should verify that the insurance policy that you intend to purchase meets these requirements. Colorado requires a motorcycle insurance policy to include the following coverage in addition to personal injury protection:

  • $25,000 for a single person’s bodily injury or death related to an accent
  • $50,000 for two or more people’s bodily injury or death related to an accident
  • $15,000 for any property damages related to an accident

“How much does motorcycle insurance cost?” is an important question to ask after familiarizing yourself with the state’s auto insurance requirements. Knowing how to get motorcycle insurance requires that you acquaint yourself with the type of coverage options that an insurance plan may offer. Motorcycle insurance may involve more specific types of coverage than general auto insurance, and this may result in different rates. Many insurance options may exist for you, and the internet can be a useful tool for comparing rates.

How You Can Get Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

You can get motorcycle insurance in a variety of ways in Colorado, depending on what is most convenient to you. Some motorcycle insurance companies have physical locations that drivers can visit to speak to an insurance salesperson in person. However, you may be subjected to aggressive sales tactics and feel forced into purchasing an insurance policy that does not satisfy your needs or meet your budget requirements. Getting motorcycle insurance in person also prevents you from being able to compare multiple companies’ quotes at once. Doing this may also require you to visit several physical locations. Remember that the best motorcycle insurance provider not only offers excellent coverage at a competitive price, but also gives exemplary customer service. If a motorcycle insurance provider seems pushy or difficult to deal with at the time of purchase, its service style may not necessarily improve at the time of an accident.

Many drivers shop for motorcycle insurance online, as they can easily compare quotes on their own time in the comfort of their homes. Getting an online motorcycle insurance quote is typically much simpler than speaking to an insurance salesperson in person as all the important details are laid out in front of you. Additionally, you do not have to undergo any unnecessary sales pitches and can focus on the facts, like whether a motorcycle insurance policy includes all the legally necessary coverage. The best part of searching for motorcycle insurance quotes online is the fact that you can research rates from several providers all in one place.