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Recreational Vehicle Insurance in Colorado

Colorado recreational vehicle insurance keeps your motor homes, motor coaches, camper vans and travel trailers covered in case of damage, destruction or bodily injury. All recreational vehicle insurance quotes and rates consist of liability coverage, which provides financial coverage for bodily injury and damages caused by the insured recreational vehicle (RV). However, there are other forms of recreational vehicle coverage you can purchase so you can drive your RV with peace of mind. For example, an RV insurance policy can include collision coverage which protects the insured RV against any damages acquired as a result of a crash which can include a collision with objects. Continue reading the sections below for more information about RV insurance.

What is RV Insurance?

Recreational vehicle insurance, known as RV insurance, protects you and your recreational vehicle on the road. Your RV insurance policy should be able to pay for damages to other vehicles caused by you and for any injuries sustained because of the accident. The basic RV insurance required by Colorado is called liability insurance coverage. Liability recreational vehicle coverage pays for property damage caused by the RV, covers any medical needs for bodily injury and can even protect you against uninsured drivers. In essence, an RV insurance policy acts like a combination of automobile, home and travel insurance. It can protect you in incidents on the road but also cover you for damage to your personal belongings. Therefore, while many people choose to simply add their RV to their existing auto insurance policy, it usually does not offer sufficient coverage needed for a recreational vehicle.

Other forms of RV insurance coverage include the aforementioned collision coverage which is designed to protect against any form of collision. Additionally, you can buy comprehensive RV coverage which provides protection against incidents that are not collisions. For example, if your RV is damaged due to weather or is stolen, comprehensive insurance will cover the costs for repair or replacement. Of course, most recreational vehicle insurance companies allow you to purchase full coverage insurance, which generally consists of liability, comprehensive and collision coverage. Some RV full coverage plans also have bonus coverage such as vacation liability which protects your RV even when you are not using it as temporary residence. The trick to exploring RV insurance quotes is to first decide what kind of coverage you want for your RV so your estimates will be as accurate as possible.

What is the average cost of RV insurance?

Recreational vehicle insurance quotes and rates vary based on several different criteria. Typically, insurance for RVs average between $250 and $550 annually. RV insurance quotes are estimated by typical insurance variables such as age, gender, credit score and driving record. However, RV insurance rates have a much wider range of premiums based on the specific features of the vehicle. Your RV insurances quotes and rates are also dependent on factors such as:

  • The year, model and type of RV
  • The location the RV is stored
  • Whether or not you are using the RV for vacation or as a primary residence
  • The average number of days the RV is in use


Insurance rates for recreational vehicles vary by the type of vehicle because certain RVs have more valuable features that need to be insured. For example, the rates on a motorized RV are higher than the rates on a non-motorized trailer because more protection is required on the road. Additionally, luxury RVs have higher insurance rates because there are more expensive items to cover. Get RV insurance quotes today by following this link.

What if I want to shop around for quotes?

Look for recreational vehicle insurance quotes and rates by shopping online. By shopping online, you can easily compare rates and policies from the comfort of your own home. You can also search RV insurance quotes at your own convenience, which means you can save a quote and continue shopping later on or the next day. However, shopping for an RV insurance policy can be done all in one spot so you do not have to take extra time visiting various websites. Get RV insurance quotes here and save yourself time and energy on your search.

You can also search for quotes by calling or visiting various insurance companies, however that involves a lot more work. To buy an RV insurance policy in person, you will have to locate various offices and spend gas and time in traffic to get there. Speaking with an insurance representative in person gives him or her a better opportunity to sell more aggressively, which can be exhausting if you are not ready to commit. If you opt to get RV insurance quotes and rates by calling, then you also risk more aggressive sales techniques which could make your phone call last longer than planned. Instead, get your RV insurance quotes online.