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Child Support in Colorado

Child support lawyers can help you with various aspects of a child support case. Child support enforcement requires a parent to make payments, and any missed payment will result in back payments. Therefore, child support services can help you obtain payments and back payments and also modify an existing child support order with the court. It is also important to understand the purpose of child support and how it should be used before you decide to hire an attorney for assistance. Just as a child support attorney can help a parent obtain payment, they can help a parent contest payments if child support money is not being used properly or the payments are too high. If you need assistance with child support, get child support legal services here.

What is child support?

It is important to understand what is child support before you consult with legal services so you are better prepared for the counseling it provides. Child support is comprised of payments designed to financially support a minor child or children when the parents are separated. Child support payments are court-ordered and generally made by the parent who does not have custody of the child or children. Since child support payments are ordered by a judge, a parent who skips out on payments will be held in contempt of court. Child support enforcement obligates the parent to appear in court where back payment will be demanded. Typically, this means payments will be automatically deducted from your pay checks. If you miss you court date, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Understanding “What does child support cover?” is an essential component to learning about this issue. Child support is exclusively meant to cover expenses for the child and related to matters concerning the child. Of course, basic child care necessities such as food, clothing and shelter should be covered by money received from child support payments. However, child support payments are also intended to provide for expenses like medical bills, school fees and extracurricular activities. Additionally, courts assume child support money will go toward childcare costs, transportation and entertainment. Essentially, anything that encompasses reasonable care of the child is included in what can be covered by child support payments.

How do you get child support?

In order for child support to be issued, a court case must be opened. If you hire a child support attorney, they will open the case in court on your behalf. Once a child support case is opened, both parents will be ordered to appear in a court hearing. Before the hearing, child support lawyers will advise you to gather financial papers that determine the costs for the child or children and how much is needed to cover those expenses. If the non-custodial parent cannot be located, then you should still proceed with the hearing because the judge can order payments for the absent parent. Additionally, for a child support case to be valid, a judge has the power to request a paternity test if the paternity of the child is being disputed. Once it is time for the child support hearing, the judge will consider the monthly gross income of both parents to determine the payment amounts. In addition to income, child support payments are calculated by factoring in estimated costs of raising a child according to national research and the number of overnights spent with the child or children. In order to receive child support payments, you must have custody of the child or children and prove the child spends most of his or her time with you. If you need help building a case for child support, an attorney is the best solution for ensuring the hearing works in your favor.

Why is having a good child support lawyer important?

Child support lawyers have a thorough understanding of the laws surrounding child custody and support. Therefore, a child support attorney can advise you of the best routes for receiving adequate child support payments and will provide assistance along the way. When you hire an attorney to help you with your child support case, he or she is responsible filing the child support order with the court and will appear at your hearing with you as counsel. Although you may be worried about paying child support lawyer’s fees, an attorney can help you navigate aspects of the court system you may not be familiar with, thus improving your chances of a favorable decision from the judge. Find child support legal services here today.