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Parking Tickets in Colorado

Parking tickets in Colorado are regulated through each city’s local parking authority. When you receive a parking citation, you are responsible for paying the city where you received the ticket. Parking violations carry fees that must be paid to avoid other ramifications. Ramifications could include, loss of valid vehicle registration, additional fines or court action. You can help avoid future Colorado parking violations by following all posted signs concerning parking. When you park at a metered parking space, be sure to make note of what time you must leave or add more money to the meter.

What are Colorado parking tickets?

CO parking fines are notices given by the parking authority to alert you of a breach in parking law. Parking related tickets are given to you in the form of paper slips, usually placed on your windshield. Other kinds of parking citations include a car boot, which also comes along with a pink slip. Additionally, in certain areas, parking violations will result in your vehicle being towed.

When are Colorado parking citations issued?

Parking citations can be issued for a variety of offenses. One of the most common parking violations is overstaying your time on a parking meter. When you utilize public metered parking, you must obey the time limit provided. Some meters help you avoid parking tickets in Colorado by allowing you to add additional funds to the machine.

A parking ticket can be issued if you park illegally. When you park in a space that is designated for loading, marked as unavailable or designated for particular people, you are violating parking law. The CO parking authority will assign a fee to your parking citation and this amount will be due before the ticket is removed.

If you park without a proper permit in a space meant for disabled people, you will also receive a parking ticket. It is against the law to use these parking spaces unless you have the proper decal.

In residential areas, some parking is designated for residents only. Parking violations are issued when you do not have a permit to park in an area designated for a particular apartment building or neighborhood.

What are the consequences of parking violations in Colorado?

When you receive a parking fine, you are required to pay the fine as soon as possible to avoid additional fees. Pay parking tickets before you are issued additional fines or required to undergo a registration suspension. If you do not pay your parking citation within a set period, your account may be sent into collections. Choosing not to pay parking tickets could potentially impact your credit. This could jeopardize your ability to obtain a loan for a house or a car if the amount you must pay is excessive. Additionally, after a certain amount of parking tickets, you could experience a freeze on your vehicle in the form of a cart boot.

Parking violations resulting in a boot must be reconciled within a short period of time to avoid the vehicle being towed and taken to impound. Once your vehicle is in this state, you must pay additional fees as well as provide proof of residency, valid insurance and ownership to obtain your car. If you choose not to follow the specified process, your car could be sold at auction.

How do you pay Colorado parking tickets?

You can pay parking tickets in a variety of ways in Colorado including online, by mail or in person. You can only pay Colorado parking violations if you have your vehicle plate number and the citation number.

To process payment for parking violations online, you should establish an account with your local parking authority before attempting to make a payment. Parking violations can only be paid using a valid debit or credit card when paying online.

For in-person payment, you can provide cash, check or credit at your local CO parking authority approved office. You must pay your parking citation in the city in which you received the violation.

You can choose to process parking ticket payment by mail in Colorado. When completing parking violation payment by mail, you can only pay by using a check or money order. You must provide all necessary information for your parking ticket on your method of payment when choosing the mail-in option.

How can you contest the Colorado parking authority concerning a parking ticket?

You can contest your parking citations through the parking authority only within a specified timeframe. You must complete the form and submit your dispute online or by mail.