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Traffic Tickets in Colorado

Traffic tickets in Colorado come with a variety of consequences. It is best to pay your traffic citations as soon as possible to avoid serious penalties. Traffic violationsthat go undisputed can lead to suspension of your registration or license. In Colorado, you can fight traffic ticket penalties on your own in traffic court. You can also agree to pay the fine assessed. Regardless of your choice, traffic fines can be difficult to manage if you do not know traffic law. Traffic fines are best handled with a traffic ticket defense strategy that includes representation.

Reasons for receiving traffic tickets in Colorado

In 2016, over 6,000 traffic tickets were issued due to lack of seatbelt use. This year, Colorado law enforcement delivered 1306 citations during a campaign to enforce seat belt laws in rural areas. You could soon be fighting traffic ticket fines if you do not wear a seatbelt. Additionally, you will have to pay a traffic fine if you are driving a car while a minor is present and not wearing a seatbelt. A traffic ticket in CO will be higher for violating the law concerning minors. Additionally, if you are driving a vehicle when a child is found not to be in an age appropriate seat such as a car seat, the traffic fine will also be very high.

You may be forced to pay speeding ticket fines if you are stopped for driving faster than posted speed limits. It is crucial to obey all road signs even if they change frequently. Your Colorado speeding ticket fine will be assessed based on how much over the speed limit you are traveling when recorded speeding by law enforcement.

A violation also subject to traffic tickets in Colorado is driving under the influence (DUI). If you are in a car accident while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will be ticketed and possibly arrested. Additionally, if you are stopped for any reason by law enforcement and found to be driving under the influence, you will receive atraffic citation and possibly face criminal action. Hiring a traffic lawyer to help fight a DUI case is essential to you avoid jail time.

When you receive a traffic related citation in Colorado, you are stopped by police and issued paper documents. This document highlights the law you violated and states the fines attached. You can receive a CO traffic citation for a variety of traffic violations and are responsible for how you handle the consequences of the ticket.

How to Pay a Speeding Ticket and Other Traffic Tickets in Colorado

To properly handle traffic fines, you must pay a fee or appear in court to dispute the ticket. You can successfully release yourself from a ticket when you pay speeding ticket online or by mail. Processing is not possible through the Colorado DMV. Traffic ticket online payment in CO is not available as it is in other states.

You can pay speeding ticket fines by mail or in person. When paying CO traffic violations by mail, you must pay by check or money order. Payments must be made out to the Department of Revenue.

You can also pay traffic citations in person. You can complete Colorado traffic ticket payments by going to a local DMV office. When paying for traffic fines in person, you can use cash. However, traffic fines paid through the mail cannot be paid in cash.

Pay your traffic violations in the time required to avoid additional fees, negative points on your license and criminal action.

How to Dispute a Traffic Ticket with a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Colorado

When you pay speeding ticket fines, you are agreeing that you committed the violation. If you do not believe you committed a violation, you should not pay the fine. To bring forth a traffic ticket defense in Colorado, you must appear in traffic court. You can choose to represent yourself, however this is difficult for many citizens not trained in traffic law.

When you face a costly traffic violation, traffic ticket defense is your best option for arguing against making the payment. A traffic lawyer is a professional, licensed attorney who can help you navigate the process. Your traffic court lawyer is well-versed in Colorado traffic law and can work to identify errors during your ticketing process that could lead to dismissal.