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Colleges and Universities in Colorado

With many universities and colleges throughout the state, Colorado offers educational opportunities for all interests. Colorado is well-known for having large universities heavily focused on research. It also boasts competitive science and engineering programs throughout its public sector and consistently has universities place within the top 20 percent of colleges in the nation. Colorado offers liberal arts universities and hosts one of the five military academies in the United States, which is the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Olympic caliber athletes also find universities in Colorado beneficial to their careers, as do business and technical degree candidates. Part of the success of Colorado universities is due to their focus on high-need program offerings which result in a high rate of employment upon graduation. Read more below to find out which Colorado university best suits your intended career field and your personal interests.

Colorado Mesa University

Located in Grand Junction, Colorado Mesa boasts a ranking of 23 in the best colleges in the western United States. It is in an urban area with an undergraduate size of approximately 9,000, and prides itself on its low student-to-professor ratios. Approximately 46 percent of classes at Colorado Mesa University are comprised of 20 or fewer students. Colorado Mesa competes in the NCAA as a part of Division II and holds many national athletic rankings. The school has a rolling application with an acceptance rate of approximately 83 percent.

Regis University in Colorado

Regis University is a private institution with an undergraduate size of approximately 4,500 students. The 90-acre campus was founded in 1877, and the university is proud of its Roman Catholic Jesuit affiliation. The school has a strong focus on leadership and community involvement, with the goal of making a positive influence on an ever-evolving society. The student-teacher ratio is 14:1, and the biggest programs on campus include Health, Business Management, Computer Information Sciences and Biological/Biomedical Sciences. Regis is also part of the NCAA Division II for athletic activities and is in a suburban area with plenty of land for outdoor leisure.

Colorado’s United States Air Force Academy

One of the five military academies in the state and ranking 32 out of all liberal arts institutions in the nation, the U.S. Air Force Academy is a campus of over 18,000 acres holding an undergraduate enrollment of approximately 4,000. Located outside Colorado Springs, the school prides itself on its students’ adherence to a strict schedule and strong sense of self-discipline. Students are required to participate in school-affiliated athletics (the Air Force Academy boasts placement in the NCAA Division I) and pass a biannual fitness examination. Students are given a core curriculum and basic schedule with a selection of over 30 majors, along with numerous extracurricular activities.

University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs is a public institution of approximately 9,000 undergraduate students. Ranked number nine in top public schools, the school offers a rolling application with a 92 percent acceptance rate. The university is an institution with a nationally-ranked business program and admirable programs in health. Most classes have fewer than 20 students. The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs participates in NCAA Division II athletics and offers a variety of extracurricular activities and student services.

University of Denver in Colorado

The University of Denver is a private university with a total undergraduate population of less than 6,000 students. Unlike many universities, it participates in a quarterly academic calendar as opposed to a semester-based calendar. It was recently ranked 86 of the best colleges and universities in the United States. A unique aspect of the institution is that it has a women’s college to which female students can opt-in and receive the same degree as those who opt-out. For those pursuing a juris doctor, the university is home to the reputable Sturm College of Law. The University of Denver prides itself on participating in NCAA Division I athletics with one of the best collegiate ski programs in the nation.

Western State Colorado University

A public institution, Western State Colorado University has a total undergraduate size of approximately 2,500 and operates within a rural area in Gunnison. The school has a unique set of curriculums, holding one of the nation’s 10 programs for undergraduates in Petroleum Geology and one of eight programs in Resource and Land Management. The university also prides itself in its guarantee that classes are taught by full-time faculty members instead of teaching assistants, and most faculty members at Western State Colorado University hold the highest degrees available. Western offers a special experience for those interested in geology, as it owns Tenderfoot Mountain, an internationally-valued archaeological site. The school also participates in NCAA Division II athletics on top of its high-ranking academic programs.

Colorado State University

One of the largest universities in the state, Colorado State University boasts an undergraduate enrollment of approximately 24,500 students. Located in Fort Collins, students enjoy the urban surroundings that lay next to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. CSU is one of the nation’s best research universities, especially in fields related to biomedical and environmental health. Students are offered choices from over 350 campus organizations and opportunities for involvement in Greek life. The school currently competes in both club and NCAA Division I athletics. Offering over 190 majors in eight colleges, the school prides itself on allowing students to curate and enjoy a diverse range of experiences inside and out of the classroom.