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Top Job Search Tools in Colorado

The job market of today remains a challenging environment. Though Colorado as a state has a stronger market relative to the rest of the nation, with only a 2.3 percent unemployment rate compared to the national rate of 4.3 percent as of June 2017, further improvement is certainly possible. Employers in Colorado use various methods to source candidates, and posting positions electronically is one of the most popular methods. Understanding how to successfully utilize, search, and apply using the online job search tools is critical to expanding the job search capabilities. Many of the tools listed below will also notify job seekers when a position matching their skillset is posted, allowing the candidate to take advantage of early submission. Colorado offers many official state job boards and websites to help guide residents toward a satisfying career path. This article will list some of these resources and the respective advantages and disadvantages of each.

Connecting Colorado

Connecting Colorado is the official state, and county-run, job board of Colorado. Listed on the site is a wealth of jobs across a wide range of different fields from throughout the state. The sheer enormity of choices available can be overwhelming at first. Fortunately, before viewing any of the jobs, there is a quick search screen to filter through the database. Searches can specify the city or region, as well as whether full-time or part-time positions are sought and the desired industry. The site provides an option to search only for jobs available to teenagers, a helpful feature for younger job seekers.

Connecting Colorado is an invaluable tool for any Colorado resident searching for a job, but it does have some disadvantages. The site’s design is minimal with little direction or assistance available, and it is not possible to view descriptions of each job from the main screen. Users are instead forced to guess at the specific requirements of each listing, or else click on each specific job.

Connecting Colorado’s massive database of possible positions make it one of the best job search tools in Colorado. Its status as the official Colorado job board gives the positions listed legitimacy, ensuring that job seekers are looking at legitimate employment listings.

State of Colorado Division of Human Resources

The State of Colorado Division of Human Resources webpage is another strong option for job seekers. Like Connecting Colorado, the Human Resources site is operated by the state. However, the main factor that separates the two job boards is that Colorado Human Resources only features jobs within the Colorado government. This greatly limits the number of jobs that appear on the page. As a result, the number of jobs that can be viewed on the Division of Human Resources website is dwarfed by the hundreds that appear on Connecting Colorado.

Another aspect of Human Resources that comes up short when compared to Connecting Colorado is the search filter option. Connecting Colorado allows job seekers to hone in on the specific kinds of jobs being sought, from industry to preferred city. Human Resources has some of these options, but not all, ultimately making Connecting Colorado a more searchable and useful database.

If an employment position within government is acceptable, Human Resources likely remains the most valuable resource. The board is clean, modern and easy to use. It lists the expected salary for each position from the main page. Jobs are available across a diverse sampling of Colorado government departments. The site also contains many resources outside of its job board. Valuable information about Colorado workforce demographics, as well as the state of Colorado’s economy, are available. Overall, there is much to recommend the Human Resources site, even though its usefulness is limited only to individuals searching for government jobs.

City and County of Denver, Colorado Jobs

The City and County of Denver job board is the most specific of all the aforementioned resources, but it still has plenty of strengths. As the largest city and capital of Colorado, Denver is accordingly one of the most popular places to work in the state. For any prospective employee hoping to work in Denver, this board is an extremely helpful tool.

The Denver job board does share many of the areas of improvement present on the State of Colorado Human Resources site, with identical search filter options and even fewer listed positions. As is to be expected, the only jobs listed are government jobs based in Denver. Despite this, the board still contains many Denver-specific jobs that cannot be found on the Division of Human Resources website. The website is even easier to use than Human Resources and contains short descriptions of each job on the main page, a helpful feature that allows users to scan through potential positions quickly.

Other Job Search Tools in Colorado

Not all job search tools exist in the online environment. Job search tools can also be accessed via several brick-and-mortar locations, such as university career centers. Visiting career and counseling centers, especially for students, is a good way to be connected with alumni who are hiring graduates, or for those students who are looking for part-time work or paid internships. Many high school guidance departments have listings as well. Classified listings in major newspapers are still a viable way to search for employment in Colorado.

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