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Colorado Birth Certificates

Colorado birth certificates are important government documents that help verify your identity and prove that you are an American citizen. Your CO birth certificate is necessary for a variety of different reasons, such as enrolling in school, obtaining your first driver license, requesting a Social Security Number and much more. They are the first official document recording a person’s birth and should always be kept on hand. Although a certificate of birth request is typically completed at the hospital in which a child is born or by mail soon after, it is possible to request a copy of the document at any time. Due to the variety of circumstances in which you will need to use this important document, it is important to always have a copy in your possession. Fortunately, birth record copies are exceedingly easy to order, and there is no limit to the number of birth records you can request. Learn how these records are used and how to order a copy of your record easily online today.

How to Order a Colorado Birth Certificate

Your Colorado vital record can be ordered quickly and conveniently from the comfort of your own home. Although your original birth certificate will always remain on record with the government agency where it is stored, you may request a certified birth certificate copy online at any time. This record will be identical to its original and can be used for virtually all official government purposes. Ordering CO vital records online is the most convenient way of getting access to your information, as you may place the order without ever leaving the house and receive your vital record much more quickly than with other order methods. To order your record, you will simply need to provide your full name, address and other basic information. After submitting your birth certificate application online, your request will be processed and your information will be sent to you. Your vital certificate will arrive in just a few days.

Although ordering a Colorado record of birth online is the most convenient option for most residents, you can also submit a request over the phone. To complete a CO birth record application using this method, you must call the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and go through the entire birth certificate form with a representative. This may be inconvenient for some residents, as it may be much easier to complete the application at your own pace online. Finally, in addition to requesting your record over the phone, you may also do so by mail and in person through the CDPHE. When you apply for a birth certificate copy by mail, however, you must wait two to three weeks to receive your information, as it will take longer for officials at the CDPHE to receive your application, input its contents into its system and mail you back your certificate. You will also need to pay your fee with a check or money order. Finally, you may order birth certificate copies in person at a CDPHE location. However, you must first ensure the location you are planning to visit is able to process these requests. If possible, try to make an appointment to avoid any potentially long lines. Because of the time and effort required by these methods, however, many residents prefer the convenience of online ordering. Obtain birth certificate copies quickly and conveniently here.

What is a Colorado birth certificate?

Colorado birth certificates contain fairly straightforward information. Your birth certificate copy will likely feature your name, sex, date and time of birth, mother’s maiden name, father’s name, parents’ ages, parents’ birthplaces and the date issued. However, despite the relatively small amount of information featured on your certificate, this document is crucially important for several different purposes. CO vital certificates are often used for identification purposes when requesting a new social security card, applying for a passport or other travel document, matriculating in school, requesting a marriage license and even obtaining a driver license. Without a birth record copy, it may be considerably harder or even impossible to obtain any of these documents. As such, a copy of birth certificate details should be kept on hand at all times. Fill out a duplicate of birth certificate request online here.

How to Replace a Lost Birth Certificate

A replacement birth certificate in Colorado is available for online ordering at any time. To get a CO birth certificate replacement, you must go through the same process as when you order a copy for any other reason. Simply access the online application and provide the required information. Your certified record will arrive in the mail in just a few short days. However, when replacing a missing record, it is important to notify the proper authorities, as these documents can easily be used for fraud and identity theft. To report your vital birth certificate missing or stolen, you must fill out a vital certificate form for stolen or missing records. You will need to include your full name, address and phone number. You will also need to provide the full name of the person whose certificate is missing or stolen, along with his or her date of birth, city (or county) of birth and mother’s maiden name. You must also provide a statement explaining what happened to the certificate.