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Colorado Marriage Certificates

Obtaining a Colorado marriage license, while not as glamorous as the ceremony and reception, is perhaps the most important part of getting married. A marriage certificate cannot be issued if a couple does not obtain this license. This license is essentially your ticket to getting married, and obtaining one means that both you and your future spouse are legally eligible to wed in Colorado. These marriage records consisting of your license and certificate are also essential in certain legal situations. Your marriage registration is typically recorded by your local county clerk and recorder’s office, which is also responsible for issuing marriage licenses and providing certificates. You can obtain these marriage license records in a variety of ways through government organizations or through an independent third party. More information on Colorado marriage records, including the types of records that exist and their uses, can be found in the section below. You can also learn the ways in which you can obtain these records.

The Types of Colorado Marriage Records

When conducting a Colorado marriage license search, it is important to recognize that there are different types of marriage records, which include licenses and certificates. A marriage license lookup will only produce records of the licenses that were issued to couples in order to become legally married. Marriage license records provide proof that that both members of a couple meet the legal requirements to get married in the state. These CO marriage license requirements demand that individuals applying for a marriage license are at least 18 years of age or older and are not currently married, as well as a few other stipulations. Certain exceptions may apply, and you should contact your local clerk and recorder’s office for full details

A copy of marriage certificate includes proof of the fact that you and your spouse are or were married, as opposed to a marriage license, which proves an individual’s eligibility for marriage. A
Colorado marriage certificate search, like a license search, is handled through a clerk and recorder’s office in each county in the state. You can also order a CO marriage certificate online through an independent website that is authorized to provide this service. A marriage record consists of both your marriage license and marriage certificate, and both of these documents may be necessary for you to present in certain situations. Quickly and easily obtain a copy of your marriage record, which includes your license and certificate, here.

Who is eligible to get a Colorado marriage record?

A certified copy of marriage certificate documents can be issued to several types of individuals who may need to see or possess these records. A Colorado marriage certificate copy and license copy, which both comprise your record of marriage, is primarily made available to the people named on the certificate or license. In other words, you or your spouse have access to your marriage records. Colorado marriage records may also be provided to members of your family, such as your children, siblings, parents or grandparents. Family members are not the only individuals who may be granted access to marriage records, however. Other parties may request marriage documents for various purposes, including lawyers, consulates and genealogists. Additionally, employers and creditors may also be able to obtain your marriage certificate and license records. To conduct a Colorado marriage record search, the party requesting this information must be able to provide certain identifying proof that links it to the individuals named on the records. This includes any spouses or family members. Some parties, such as employers, may also need to present proof of why these records are necessary. Individual counties may have their own eligibility requirements for individuals or organizations requesting records.

How to Get a Colorado Marriage Record

A lost marriage certificate is not an issue over which you need to excessively worry. A Colorado replacement marriage certificate can be obtained in a number of ways in the state. Additionally, a duplicate marriage certificate may be available if you need a copy for yourself, your spouse or someone else. If you need to quickly verify if someone is married, you can get in touch with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. This state government agency has records of marriages and civil unions that occurred in Colorado from 1900 to 1939 and from 1975 to the present. Keep in mind that this is merely a marriage verification and will not provide you with any certificates or license. In order to find marriage records and obtain a license or certificate, you will need to contact the clerk and recorder’s office in the county where you were married. Remember that you may be required to present certain identifying documentation at the time that you request these records. Make sure you know exactly what is needed to request records from your local county clerk and recorder’s office. You can also order all of these records online. Order a marriage certificate, as well as a copy of your marriage license, here.

The Uses for Marriage Records

Wedding records may be used for a number of reasons in Colorado and throughout the world. A CO marriage certificate is typically recognized in other states, as well as in many other countries, although certain exceptions may exist. Marriage records may be necessary for an individual to apply for legal residence or citizenship in a country, particularly if that country extends citizenship or residency status to spouses. Marriage license records may be essential when an individual needs to claim a spouse’s Social Security benefits. A certificate of marriage may also be required of an individual to prove his or her status as a beneficiary of life insurance benefits. Lawyers may need these records for certain legal cases, particularly in divorce proceedings. Additionally, marriage records are vital in claiming or contesting inheritances when a spouse dies. Many genealogists may find these records very useful when trying to piece together a family’s history.