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How to Change the Address on a Colorado Car Title

Whenever a vehicle owner moves to a new state or within the same state or city, he or she must request achange of address on a car title. In Colorado, those procedures are processed through the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which is part of the state’s Department of Revenue. Furthermore, aDMV title change of address can be completed by submitting the required forms and following the appropriate instructions set forth by these departments. In general, a title change of address form can be obtained from several DMV offices across CO or through the state’s online portal.

Acar title change of addressis an important procedure because the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles must always have a vehicle owner’s updated mailing address in its database. Only by having the correct and updated information pertaining to a motorist’s address can the DMV send him or her new titles, renewed registrations, notices, fines and other documentation. Furthermore, if a car owner fails to pay for a fine that was sent to an incorrect mailing address, he or she will still be penalized for not having provided the CO DMV with an updated address. To learn more about how to change your car title address, read the following sections.

How to Request a Car Title Change of Address in Colorado

In order to update a car title address, you may opt for one of the three different methods to file a request with the Colorado DMV. For instance, you may change your car title address by going online and using the DMV portal to update your mailing address with this agency. In addition, you may opt to visit a local DMV office in person when it comes time to update your address. By personally visiting a local DMV office, you can obtain a car title address form and fill it out on the spot. This is particularly beneficial for applicants who do not want to be inconvenienced about downloading the form online and printing it at home. Furthermore, the third method to update an address on a car title is by completing all of the paperwork and sending it in by regular mail to the CO Department of Revenue’s Division of Motor Vehicles. In general, the following documents are requested by the state’s DMV:

  • Personal information – The DMV may request you to provide various pieces of personal information in order to identify you, such as your legal name and driver’s license or ID number.
  • Proof of date of birth – In order to prove your identity and date of birth, the DMV may ask you to submit a birth certificate or a U.S. passport.
  • Social Security Number – Another significant DMV title change of address requirement includes providing your Social Security Number (SSN).
  • New address – You must provide the CO DMV with your new address, as well as with documents that support your move to this new residence. For example, bills, lease agreements or mortgage documents are generally suitable for proving your new address. Furthermore, you may use your current driver’s license if it already contains your updated address.
  • Mailing address – If you have a mailing address that is different from your new residential address, you must also provide the Colorado DMV with that information.

Applying for a New Address for a Car Title Online in Colorado

In general, the easiest and most convenientmethod for requesting a title and registration address change with the Colorado DMV is by using the state’s online portal. That is because applying for a title online, from the comfort of your home, allows you to gather all of the necessary paperwork to fulfill this request successfully. Furthermore, requesting an address change online requires no visit to a DMV office, as well as no paperwork to be mailed in. In order to change an address on a car titlethrough this online method, you will need not only a completed application form, but also certain supporting documents that prove your identity and address change.

Changing Address on a Car Title by Mail in Colorado

In order to updatea car title addressthrough the mail, you may be faced with certain restrictions that are not in place for the online and in-person methods. Thus, you must be mindful of the particular conditions that involve requesting an address change by mail. In Colorado, these additional requirements may include age restrictions. For that reason, before you request a change of address on a car title, make sure to check with the DMV whether or not you are eligible to change your address via mail.

Furthermore, if you qualify for a DMV title change of address via the mail, you will have to send all of the necessary paperwork to the Colorado DMV mailing address. In addition, you will be required to send a proper payment method alongside your application form and documentation. These payment methods typically encompass checks or money orders, which can be easily included in a mailed-in package.

Changing an Address on a Car Title in Person in Colorado

You may also complete and submit a title change of address form in person at a local DMV office. However, these forms and procedures can vary from county to county. Thus, finding out the exact requirements and necessary documentation can be beneficial to you.To do so, you may contacta DMV office in yourcounty before you visit it.In general, you may contact them by placing a call to their contact number.

On the other hand, it is important to note that requesting a car title change of address in person may take up more hours of your day in comparison to the online or mail-in methods. That is because most services provided in DMV offices experience significant wait times due to the large volumes of residents who are requesting other services. Moreover, each county may have varying fees associated with changing the address on a car title, so identifying what those fees are beforehand may avoid any surprises.

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