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How to Perform a Car Registration Name Change in Colorado

A name change on car registration in Colorado can be caused by a few reasons. Whatever the leading cause that prompts a car owner to submit a name change car registration request, though, it is important for the owner to take the necessary steps, and in the proper order, so that he or she can complete the name change on car registration paperwork. Before attempting to change name on car registration papers, motorists must first complete a name change with Social Security Administration. Once this is complete, then the car owner can explore how to change name on car registration instructions.

Initial Steps to Complete a Colorado Name Change on Car Registration

If a car owner is asking, “How do I change my name on my car registration,” then he or she should know that before a visit to the DMV is necessary, contacting Social Security Administration is the first step in this process. Before a car owner can begin changing name on car registration documents, the name change must be submitted and verified with the Social Security Administration. However, car owners should note that this is applicable and necessary for legal name changes (versus a nickname preference).

In order to request a name change with Social Security Administration, the Application for a Social Security Card must be filled out in its entirely and either delivered to the Social Security office or mailed. Along with this form, though, other original documentation must be provided, including the certificate that proves that the legal name change took place such as marriage document, divorce decree, or court order approving the name change. These documents will also be necessary for changing the name on the car registration credentials. Once the name change is submitted with Social Security and the new card is delivered, the car owner can then proceed with the next step to change the name on car registration documents.

Before proceeding with the name change, car registration documents cannot be altered until the name on the driver’s license is changed as well. For this portion of the Colorado name change on car registration process, the car owner must visit a local driver license office and bring documentation that shows the name change, including the updated Social Security card. Motorists should note that the changes with the SSA can take more than 24 hours to take effect, and verifying the name change with Social Security is part of the DMV name change process. Once all name changes have been verified, the car owner can then move on to completing the name change on car registration documents.

How to Change Name on Car Registration in Colorado

The car owner can pursue getting a name change on car registration documents after the aforementioned steps have been completed. Some but not every county in Colorado may offer the option to make this change through the mail. However, car owners can always finalize the name change on a car registration by visiting their local motor vehicle office. When visiting the office, they need to bring certain documentation including:

  • Proof of identity that reflects the name change (hence the need to change the name on the license first)
  • Document that originally stipulates the name change (this can be the same document that was shown to Social Security Administration)
  • Current car registration documents
  • Title of vehicle (if in possession of the car owner)

Once these documents have been submitted and verified, the name change to car registration papers is completed. Fees may apply to this process, though, so before the updated registration is provided, any necessary payment must be furnished.

The car owner should take measures to go about changing name on car registration documents sooner rather than later because once the name change process has begun it is important to have all documentation match as much as possible.

When to Change Name on Registration in Colorado

Wanting to change the name on registration papers can be the result of a change in the car owner’s personal life. Some of the more common reasons that result in a name change, and thus a name change with car registrations, are divorce, marriage or adoption. However, sometimes a driver opts to change his or her name due to preference (such as wanting a nickname to be the legal name).

If you want to change name of car registration in Colorado because you have been married or involved in a civil union, you may change your name to any combination of the last name of your spouse or partner. If your spouse or partner has more than one last name, you have the option of using both or some parts of the name. You may request a name change car registration if you were married outside of the U.S., but you should contact the county clerk to receive a marriage license first.

Timeline to Change Name on Car Registration in Colorado

While there is no stipulated timeline when it comes to changing a name on a car registration, generally speaking car owners are advised to complete this change within one month. The reason for this is because when other documents have already been updated with a new name (such as a Social Security card or drivers license), other important paperwork needs to be accurate and correspond to primary forms of identification.

Consequences for Not Changing Name on Car Registration in Colorado

A car owner may not necessarily be fined if name change car registration paperwork has not been submitted. However, not having the car registration match a driver’s license can be problematic if the driver is pulled over or involved in an accident. Not having the name change on car registration papers match other identifying information in these scenarios can hold up insurance claims or create other issues for the driver.