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How to Replace a Car Registration in Colorado

A lost car registration in Colorado can create a host of issues for the registrant. That is because by law, drivers are required to have a copy of car registration documents in their vehicles at all times. In addition to his, a lost car registration can lead to other privacy and security issues that a driver should be aware of. That being said, replacing car registration documentation is a requirement. Two methods are available for drivers to get a DMV copy of registration: in person at a county motor vehicle office or by mail. The sections below will further outline how to replace car registration in Colorado.

Replacing Car Registration Documents in Colorado in Person

A duplicate car registration document can be obtained from the local county motor vehicle office. In order to obtain a copy of a car registration, though, the car owner has to provide certain information. This includes the Duplicate Title Request and Receipt form, as well as secure and verifiable identification for vehicles that were purchased on or after July 1, 2006. When replacing car registration in Colorado, if the vehicle still has a lien on it then a lien release will also be required when the duplicate car registration request is submitted. Motorists who are trying to replace car registration documents on behalf of someone else will need to have power of attorney. There are fees that accompany a copy of car registration request, and the submission is not finalized until payment is rendered.

How to Replace Car Registration in Colorado By Mail

Colorado does not offer the option to replace car registration online, which means that if a car owner needs a DMV copy of registration the only option to submit this request without visiting an office is by mailing the appropriate form. Just like the Duplicate Title Request and Receipt form needs to be submitted for a DMV registration copy request if making this request in person, this same form needs to be filled out and mailed if the car owner does not want to visit the county office. The same documents and requirements that are necessary for an in-person request are the same for the mailed form. The only difference is that the when the owner mailing the form to replace car registration documents, he or she must also provide a self-addressed stamped envelope or prepaid return express envelope so that the documentation that was mailed can be sent back. All mailed DMV copy of registration requests are must be sent to the Colorado Department of Revenue: DMV – Titles Section. The fee for the duplicate car registration must be included with the form and all other documentation; checks are accepted and should be made out to the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Reasons to Replace a DMV Lost Registration in Colorado

While a driver can request a DMV registration copy at any time, some of the more common reasons that contribute to a duplicate car registration request include the document becoming illegible, lost, stolen, mutilated or altered. A copy of a car registration is important to get if any of these situation occur because having this documentation accurate, legible and available for reference is required by law. If the driver undergoes a name change or address change, then replacing the car registration may also be necessary.

If a driver is in a car accident or pulled over by law enforcement, and he or she does not have a duplicate car registration to provide along with insurance information and his or her driver’s license, then this can be problematic.

To request a DMV registration copy after a name change, you will first need to alert the Social Security Administration and receive an official name change document. You may request a duplicate car registration after you receive this official document by completing the steps listed above. You will also need to change the name on your license if you wish to complete the entire replacement process.

Filing a Police Report About a Lost Car Registration in Colorado

If a lost car registration is never found, or if the car owner thinks it may have stolen, then he or she should file a claim with local law enforcement as soon as possible. A DMV lost registration, or stolen registration, can be used in a variety of illegal scenarios. For instance, it can be used in identity theft. Not only that, but vehicle registrations can also be used to apply for fraudulent license plates and the information on the registration (such as the car owner’s full name and address) can be used to apply for other accounts or commit other types of fraud.

Denial of Request for a Colorado Copy of Car Registration

To replace car registration in Colorado, you will need to complete and submit an application along with any requested forms. If you attempt to replace your lost car registration, and the Department of Revenue denies your application, then you may have to make certain changes or gather additional information and apply again. You may not be able to receive a copy of car registration for the following reasons:

  • The Department of Revenue does not currently have the vehicle identification number of your vehicle on file.
  • The vehicle identification number in your possession was only issued for unofficial or record-keeping purposes.
  • Your lien is expired, and the Department needs the person with power of attorney to apply.
  • You need to complete and submit a lien release form.

If your request for a duplicate car registration is denied for any of the reasons listed above, the Department of Revenue will inform you of the reason. Your application may also be denied if you do not officially have power of attorney over your vehicle or you need to fill out and submit a lien request form.