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How to Replace a Lost or Stolen Car Title in Colorado

In order to replace a damaged, stolen orlost car title in Colorado, vehicle owners must file a request through the Division of Motor Vehicles, which is maintained by the state’s Department of Revenue. Overall, there are many reasons for car owners to obtain a DMV title replacement. However, a lost titleis generally the most common reason for motorists to request a replacement.

The Colorado DMV requires documents and personal information for you to be able to replace a car title. Moreover, if your vehicle has a registered lien, you may be required to submit additional paperwork. To learn more about how to file for a lost title, read the sections below.

Other instances when you may be required to replace car titles for your vehicle include those where the title document becomes damaged or illegible or it is altered in some way that is inconsistent with what is acceptable according to the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

When should you replace a car title?

In most cases, vehicle owners must replace a misplaced or lost car title. Thus, it is important for motorists to keep these documents in a secure location, where titles have a lower chance of being lost or misplaced.Furthermore, there are various other reasons for a title to become unavailable or invalid, forcing car owners to request a duplicate copy. For instance, motorists must obtain a DMV title replacement if their original title is damaged to the point where it becomes ineligible. Moreover, a damaged title may display an altered appearance that is inconsistent with the format that is acceptable according to the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

In addition, despite being the most unlikely of the alternatives, a lost vehicle title may have been stolen. While thieves typically have little reason to steal a car title, this instance still happens on a regular basis due to unforeseen circumstances. If your vehicle title has been stolen, you must request a copy of a car title from the DMV just like you would have if it had been misplaced due to your own fault.

Required Documents for a DMV Title Replacement in Colorado

In order to obtain a DMV title replacementin Colorado, you are required to apply in person or send the required paperwork by mail.However, this application is generally filed atDMV offices. When visiting the DMV to replace alost car title, you must collect the information and bring the documentation listed below.

  • A valid and secure identification documentfor your vehicle if it was purchased after July 1st, 2006. These documents include a car registration, a temporary registration permit or a placard.
  • A valid identification document to verify your identity. For example, you may present a Colorado driver’s license, driver’s permit or ID card.
  • A completed car title replacement application form.
  • The vehicle identification number (VIN) and the title
  • A power of attorney document if another person is requesting this document on your behalf.
  • An accepted payment method to process the copy of a car title fee established by the Colorado DMV.
  • A lien release for every applicable lien recorded on your vehicle. In general, this document can be turned in as a fax or photo copy. Furthermore, the lien release must include the vehicle’s VIN, year, make and model, as well as information about you and any other owners of the car.

If you wish to file for a lost title by mail, you must include all of the documents listed above in your package and send it to the mailing address of the state’s Division of Motor Vehicles. Furthermore, this package must include a self-addressed stamped envelope so that the agency can send to your mailing address the requested duplicate car title. Vehicle owners that do not reside in Colorado may also file for a lost title through this mail-in method by following the same steps and meeting the same requirements.

How to File for a Lost Title in Colorado

Upon finding out that they have lost a car title and recognizing the need to file for a duplicate copy, vehicle owners must be mindful of the process they will be required to undergo. First, car owners must complete anapplication form for a duplicate title request with accurate information, avoiding inconsistencies that may yield future complications. Then, this application must only be signed by the car owner (or owners, if more than one) and the holder of the lien. However, if an individual was appointed with power of attorney, he or she must also sign the application. Furthermore, anyone who signs the application form for acar title replacement must be able to present validforms of identification at the local DMV office where the application is being turned in.

If you are seeking a DMV title replacement for a damaged or illegible vehicle title, you must return the old title when you apply for a replacement. This procedure will prove that you have not lost it, but are simply requesting for a legible version of this document.Moreover, in order to get a copy of a car title in the case of vehicles that have a lienholder, you must also provide a notarized lien release on the lienholder’s letterhead. This lien release must contain information detailing the vehicle’s make, model and vehicle identification number (VIN), in addition to the owner’s name and signature. Furthermore, this document must also state the vehicle’s release date from the lean.

If you are the individual who is acting as an agent and requesting a replacement of a lost car title on behalf of the vehicle’s owner or lienholder, be mindful of the requirements that the Colorado DMV has for you. First, you must be able to present some official form of documentation that gives you power of attorney. The standard, state-issued power of attorney form for a DMV title replacement must be filled out with the car owner’s name, the appointed individual’s name, the reason for this form to be submitted and vehicle information such as its VIN, year, make and model.

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